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I've done it! Well... I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpeice or anything, but it's up and ready to go.

I know I've been ultra-slow getting this up, and you're probably gonna wonder what took so long, so here's the reason:
I'm slack
That's about it really. Well, if you really want to go into it, I had planned to make a custom system from scratch, and I got part way into it. The system I made almost worked to an extent, but hey, I eventually realised I couldn't make this happen in any reasonable timeframe, so I knocked this together.

"So... where's this fabled 'library'?" I hear you ask. Look to your left and you should see a nice link bar which will link you right to the library.
Of course, in actuallity, the 'library' is a phpBB powered forum, but it's a place where you can write down every reference you find and every therory you come up with.
I wish I had something meaningful to put here, but I don't. I don't even have a damn picture to show you.

Now that this has happened, I can get going on the next phase of the site, a fan-art gallery. I guess I'll be finding a ready-made solution for that too, because I'm so slack and all.
That's my problem, I have these grand ideas, and then reality crashes on top of me and I find I don't have the time to do everything I want.

Bah, this is starting to sound like a blog, gah!
Visit the library!

Remember everyone, this wouldn't exist if not for Commander Kitty